So about randominks!

Looking at world as a timely phenomenon, you’ll notice it is all a system. A system with sequence, protocol and a way you follow. Even there is no randomness in life. The sequence is pre decided and so on this philosophical note, randominks is a place to get randomized.

Yes! it is an entertainment and viral feed site, we post a lot of stuffs regarding tech and new buzz. But! don’t stick to it as our domain. Just for an instance, we are like our mind- never calm and always swirling upon newness (even when asleep!)

Well, cutting it short;

randominks- randomize life! It is a place on the internet where you will get the taste the randomness. Life stories, events, viral feeds, celebrity interviews all in one place. We are a team of authors who update the site as and when possible, writing out our hearts to the random people who definitely love to read and be a part of this unique randomness.

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