Is it love?!

What it’s like to be in love and not in love at the same time? I wonder does it taste like a coffee without sugar or a tea without milk?

As I sit here lost deep into my thoughts I picture your face. Your beautiful breath-takingly artistic face. Which features reminds me of the paintings of Ajanta caves. What a heart melting looks you have. The way your fingers locks into mine and the way you hold it tight to never let it go loose. I love that feeling, you know. Your precious smile carries all the weight off my shoulders and make me feel like flying in the air among the clouds. I wish to build a castle beneath there. The blue oceanic eyes of yours remind me of the geography classes I hated back in my school days, but only if they had talked about how magical your eyes are, I’m sure I’d have aced that subject.

Your hair locks falling on your forehead and shining through the sunlight as if the sun has kissed your temple. The wide arms of yours strongly hold me into them. Why does it feel like a home to me? I want to fall into your arms every now and then, and again. Perhaps, keep falling in till I take my last breath in them. Your cologne is the scent I want to inhale and exhale all day long without a trace of guilt. Your lips are the coloured with the best paints of heaven. So bloody red that it makes my blood look thin and light.

Despite of everything, I still think do I really love you or solely addicted to the idea of being with you? My heart says it’s love, but my mind says it’s not. I can’t decide. All I know that I want you at the moment. I crave your existence more than anything right now. Your love gives me hope to go on with life no matter what happens. With you everyday is special.

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