Right from our childhood we have been fed with the philosophy of “Keep studying hard & score good marks, only then will you succeed in your life”. The narrator being none other than our own parents and relatives. Our all other areas of interests are undermined and all we are ever taught is to keep focusing on our academic excellence no matter what.

Why is it that in today’s world a person’s potential is judged only on the basis of the quality of grades he scores? Why is it that a sheet of paper should be the determining factor of my success in my life? We can never really get the answers of these questions since such queries are usually considered to be rhetorical ones in our Indian mindset. Frankly saying our education system is nothing more than a memorization contest. It only helps in determining the memory capacity of each individual and the one with the highest memory wins it all. Of course there are some exceptional scholars who really study to educate themselves and not just score good grades but that number is far too low to be considered. You see,  we Indians have always believed in quantity rather than quality. Whether it comes to the 1.26 billion population or the increasing number of Scientists, Doctors & Engineers India produces each year. Just consider this, every year around 1 million engineers if not more, pass out nationwide bagging the title of most engineers produced in a single country in a single year than the entire population of Switzerland as a whole. Ironically Switzerland ranks 1st in Global Talent Competitiveness while our beloved India has slipped to the 89th rank. This reflects how good we are at mass production while we sincerely lag in qualitative aspects.

Most of our talented graduates prefer working for a MNC and progress their way towards a lavish lifestyle. No offence to anyone out there but unfortunately that is the bitter truth. Under-talented souls like me do possess the zeal and will-power to climb the ladder of success but our intellectual incapability prevents us from supporting our nation on a voluminous scale. On the other hand talented individuals with high-class intellectual prowess sometimes lack the courage or innovativeness to think out of the box and take substantial risks. Again no offence to anyone, there are always exceptions.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

– Albert Einstein

For most engineers the sheet of paper we will be receiving upon completion of our course matters more to us than the actual knowledge we have gained so far in these four years. If either one of us were informed that at the end of our graduation course we would not be receiving any kind of Bachelor’s Degree than I can bet my life on stating the fact that almost none of us would be pursuing this education. We are ready to spend bulk load of money for some damn certificates as a proof of our education but not for any set of skills that can actually help us develop as an individual. Why, just Why are we not letting our Passion, our Hobby be our Profession and our Career? Each one of us possess some unique set of skills and talents yet all we do is sidetrack it as a hobby while try to pursue our career in some educational qualification just so as to maintain a certain standard in the society. I mean really?! Would a graduation degree matter that much to us if we ain’t even ecstatic and self-satisfied in our life. Sharma Uncle kya sochenge ye soch soch k khud ki hi Life ki band bajane pe tule huye he hum!!! To hell with the society if they even start judging me for making a living by what I love doing the most! As you all might have already seen in the movie ‘3 Idiots’  that convincing our parents isn’t that big a task if we are really willing to take that colossal risk and start doing what we love the most rather than doing what Sharma Uncle thinks we should be doing for a living. Coz our happiness is what matters the most to our parents and as long as we stay contended in what we do, love our work and reflect that love towards everyone else, all of us should be able to lead a blissful life.

So let’s stop thinking about such irrelevant puny stuff and start living a life that would tend to be cheerful and loving rather than boring and frustrating coz lets face it, none of us is actually interested in that crappy 9-6 Job!


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