Twitter testing new online presence feature

Social networking giant Twitter was started back in 2006

as a means to post short updates about your life’s routine and experiences. However, over the years, it has evolved into a platform where influential personalities from across the world conduct discourses that unfortunately also can invite hate from a large population on Twitter. In an attempt to enhance the image of the platform, Twitter is now testing multiple new features that will make conversations more friendly and personal. It is also bringing back features that are true to Twitter’s essence.

New Features

Some of the new features that Twitter is currently testing have been shown to The Verge in the form of prototypes. Twitter is testing a new view for conversations, which will show different colour tags for replies from the original poster and the replying users. Additionally, the report notes that a separate colour tag might also be assigned to people you follow, as noted in a tweet by Sara Haider, Director Product Management, Twitter. This feature is an aim to make Twitter a friendly place, one that is natural for personal conversations and not just societal discourse.

Next, Twitter is testing the addition of a reply field to every single tweet on your timeline. Currently, Twitter believes the ability to reply to a tweet just by tapping the Mentions bubble below it, is just too vague. An explicitly designed bar with the phrase “Reply to @handle” might just be a better call-to-action prompt for increasing light conversations on Twitter.

Twitter might also be considering the addition of a presence indicator, similar to what is seen on popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Essentially what a presence indicator does is (voluntarily) publicise your online status prompting other online users to initiate a conversation with you.

These features are currently at the internal testing stage, and are not yet ready for regular Twitter users. However, the company says that it wants to solicit feedback from its vocal user base and make the design decisions after taking it into consideration.

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