Tragedies are beautiful
But not when you are lying on the bathroom floor
Suffocated by snippets of shattered dreams
And waiting
And waiting
For the darkness to unfurl itself around you
Till it stops hurting


Tragedies are beautiful
But not when you are in a room full of people
And suddenly you can’t breathe
Your head spins
As you gasp for air and fumble your way through the crowd
But no one pays attention
Because tragedies are beautiful
But not when you lie in bed
Tossing and turning
Evaded by sleep
Others wake up from nightmares
But you
My dear
Wake up to one
And each night is worse than the previous one
You feel the bile and blood in your throat
But it doesn’t come out like you anticipated
It stays there
And reminds you of names
That taste like acid on your tongue
And smell of regret


Tragedies are beautiful
But not when you have to smile
And tell the world that everything is fine
While your chest is ripping apart and bursting
With all the pain that you have inside
Like treasures in the depth of the sea


Tragedies are beautiful
But not when you sit there with a blade in your hand
Looking at the veins
That spread like a map all over your body
Which of these will flow freely
And lead you away from the world
And the suffering
And when you finally cut
The blood spills
Like galaxies pouring out on a dark sky
It dawns over you
Just as quietly as the soul leaves a body
That tragedies are beautiful
But not when it’s you.


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