Lessons learnt from my mother.

I was 5, when she signed me up in a local library because she wanted me to pick up a habit of reading like hers. Back then I didn’t realize its importance. Eventually, I fell in love with reading.

I was 8, when she gave my name as a child storyteller for AIR children programme. It was my first work experience and I got paid for it (not a bad deal). I didn’t want to go, but she forced me in and said that I’d thank her later. While working on it I realized my true calling and also started writing poetry.

I was 14, she sat beside me one day and said, “You might or might not get married or have kids. But, you will always be my daughter, and I’d never want you to follow my footsteps blindly. Be a woman of substance, and do things that would make you happy. You come first.”

I was 16, when I didn’t perform well at my board exam because I was a mess back then. Instead of ranting me about that she understood my mental struggles and helped me to get through that phase.I shall forever be grateful to her.

I was 18, when I moved away from home to a complete new city where I didn’t know a soul. Unlike others, she suggested me, “You’re not getting this time back. Explore life. Learn to live alone. You don’t belong to anyone and vice-versa.”

I’m 21 now and all I want to thank you Mumma for teaching me some amazing life values which I shall always keep close to my heart. If I had the power I’d have never let you go, but you’re gone. All I am left with right now is your memories and precious lessons to go on in life with it and be it an achiever.

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