The Men in my Life.

The men I know in my life are soft hearted, passionate, hard working, caring, loving, protective, possessive, foody, and fun. The reason why am not so girly, eventhough I try to be one badly is them.

Since childhood I’ve been surrounded by men more than girls in my house. I had more guy friends than girl friends back in elementary school. I grew up watching them getting bruised after a fight in the playground over nothing. They instilled aggressiveness in me which in a way is a good thing. I never learnt to laugh like a lady because I always saw boys laughing obtrusively.

They taught me how to take joke on oneself and ofcourse how to diss others. They taught me team is more important than my own reputation. They taught me that no matter how big the fight is we should never let our loved ones go just like that. We should solve it out by abusing each other. If you want you can punch them in face, too.

No matter what how pretty I look or how good am at something, these men will never appreciate me. They will always find a way to take a dig at me. They made me laugh through the tears. They kept me safe at my most vulnerable state. They saved me from all the fuck boys. They never let me feel lonely intentionally. Not even once. They were always there when I needed them. They hugged me tight when I felt broken.

Some of them even stayed awake with me till 3-4 in the night just to listen to my bulshit. They did all this without any second thought or ulterior motive. They did because they love me. I love them, too. All my life these men never treated me like am a girl and I can’t do or attain certain things. Instead, they told me that I can be whatever I want to be if I work hard to accomplish my goals. They never treated me less than a guy of my age. They treated me equally and let me be me. They didn’t impose their decision on me or tried to change me.

The best man among them is my father who gave me the freedom to choose the life I want to live. He taught me that am no less than his son who is 6 years elder to me. I can achieve anything and being a woman means that am a foundation of the mankind. He said if as a woman you can carry a life inside you and stake your life for it then you are a superhero yourself. You don’t need anyone. He believed in my dreams and let me follow them. He never stopped me from doing something and always stood like a pillar of my strength.

Lastly, I’d just like to thanks to all the men in my life till now that they are one of a few reason for the kind of person I am today.

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