The Indian Jam Project- A Splendid Idea !

Today is Fête de la Musique that is the World Music Day and on this great day dedicated to Music and celebrated by 120 countries around the globe, we got a chance to have a chat with these elite club of musicians. You might have come across The Indian Jam Projecta YouTube channel. Tushar Lall is the influential mind behind this jamming project that does the great job of arranging the western musical pieces  in Indian style along with his friends Samay Lalwani, a percussion virtuoso and Prathamesh Salunke, an adept flautist, in this Musical ensemble. Along with them, they delight their musical treat by blending many other classical artists too, like Sarangi and Sitar instrumentalists and there will be much more in their upcoming projects.

Here is the conversation we’ve exclusively brought to you, Enjoy reading 😉


  1. The Indian Jam Project, I must say a unique idea to remake western sound tracks in Indian Classical way, so what inspired you and how you came up with this idea ?
    Indian arrangements of western music pieces might sound beautiful if done in a proper way.I had this idea of making an Indian arrangements of tv series/movie theme music so I went ahead and started with the arrangement and then later called my friends Samay and Prathamesh (I know them from college) to finish the the project.
  2. This adaption and composition must require a lot of practice, so how you guys collectively manage to arrange practicing from your daily schedule ?
    It does require a lot of practice but somehow we do manage. We have to, because we see the overwhelming response and support from people and that really makes us take out time for these projects.
  3. How you guys got together ? I mean were you all classmates or colleagues some where ? 
    Me(Tushar) and Samay, we met in college and I met Prathamesh in a college fest where we both were participants.
  4. This question is especially for Tushar, I’ve read the YouTube description and you are the producer and arranger for this. Share your experience while making arrangements for such a wonderful creations.
    The creative process is not an easy task. I have one end-result picture in my head, and I follow that. I keep working till I get there. Seeing results really inspires me a lot! Composing parts of my own instrument is easy, but when it comes to composing other melodic elements like Flute or even the String Sections running behind, its a task. But, its fun! I enjoy doing it .
  5. People are liking the flute and the Tabla a lot and that truly gives Indian essence to your compositions, Tell us more about how you guys started your journey with music ?
    Samay started learning Indian classical tabla at the young age of 4 and is self taught. He’s also a very versatile percussionist and a drummer for a Mumbai based alt-rock band called “Red Seems Right”.
    Prathamesh is a trained flautist who learned his instruments initially under the guidance of his father, Mr. Ravindra Salunke and then the renowned maestro Shri Rakesh Chaurasia.
    I too started playing keys at the age of 4 and I’m completely self taught. I’ve been playing by ear for a long time now. My key interests are composition and production.
  6. In all your videos tabla, keyboard and flute are mostly used and of-course Sarangi in He’s a Pirate. Any plan to add up more classical instruments in your pack and if yes which ? 
    Haha, thats one misconception which a lot of people have. Indian Jam Project is not really a band. Its more of a collaborative platform where musicians come in together to do something beautiful! So there are no fixed members. We might have a whole ensemble of people in one video, and the next one might just have two musicians pulling off something simple.
  7. Till now you’ve published 5 complete covers, how much time does it take to completely make one such composition ?
    It takes around a month. Easily.
  8. Your basic style is Indian Classical (if am not wrong) so, what are your thoughts about classical music ?
    Its all about depth. Indian classical music is one of those rare genres which limit you in a good way, so that you can explore and go even deeper. Its not too versatile like western classical  or jazz, its more like meditation.
  9. Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?
    We’ve been doing a lot of shows recently. We have some international gigs lined up too. We also recently got interviewed on Radio City.
  10. What are your next upcoming projects ?
    Hahaha! That we cant disclose, but we do drop hints at the end of every video!
  11. And the last one, your message for young and new music aspirants (like me myself)
    Don’t stop. No matter what your art is, you should never stop. Thats all that matters !

Here is the band while performing the He’s a Pirate cover of Pirates Of The Caribbean by Klaus Badelt :

And their latest cover- A tribute to Interstellar and you can find all their work here.

This is it and was indeed a great pleasure to have a conversation with The Indian Jam Project.
You guys rock, keep us tuned.

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Have a great Musical Day !

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