The first time I saw you.

Remember, the first time our eyes met. I didn’t even know your name, but I fell for them. They took me to the world where I set my own little dream land with happiness and bliss. I used to think should I tell you the way your eyes had rung the bell at the door of my heart or not.

I knew the moment I saw you that you were the one. When your fingers touched my skin for the first time, you know, I was on cloud nine at that time. I never felt so complete with anyone. Though, I could never receive the vibe from you which I received within me.

I tried so many times to tell you that how much I like you, but every time my stupid brain will refrain me from doing that. It would say it’s not the right time and probably you are not the right person. But my heart would always say that even if you are not the one I’d still get to have you mine for a moment and hold you in my arms like a baby cocoon till you free yourself from me.

You scent lingers in my breath all day long. I feel intoxicated by it. I can’t sense any else except for your fragrance in the air. My world smells like you now. I want to swallow the taste of your lips down my throat to get back to my senses again. Why everything feels so fresh and good out of a sudden?!

What am I supposed to do when I know you can’t be mine because the circumstances are different and we are not made for each other. I can’t stop drowning deep into your thoughts. It brings a beautiful smile on my face every time I imagine you before my eyes sitting across and sipping your favourite chocolate marshed thick milkshake.

You will always have a room in the corner of my heart with bed of roses, so that when you come back after having a bad day you could just wrap yourself around me and feel at home.

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