Stories coming up as Bhai jailed up !

Bhai is sentenced to a 5 year of jail for what happened back in 2002 after 13 years. All the fans and followers not to offend you guys, but Karma’s a bitch and it will bite back ! The result of this case brought light on many stories of same fate and many even will roll up to link it with politics and other mishaps of 2002. While many took humor to explain this case in their own way through social sharing networks.

  1. Why should then a common man be not given proper justice ?
    High profiles get away easily from their karmic fate and the money speaks. For Bhai it took 13 years after all to get an even score with fate. 11 witnesses against him got him cornered and now even petition for cancellation of his interim bail. Coming to the common man Ambadas Laxman Shinde, on the evening of March 6, 2011 faced a similar misfortune and was left dead when Honda city hurled him and dragged him to death. His son Santosh following the result of Salman’s case said,

    “Even a celebrity like Salman Khan has been convicted, but in our case, there was no one to even do a follow up. The rich are known to buy out such cases. But this seems to have taken a different course. In our case, the sarkari vakil (public prosecutor) never let us know how the case concluded. We received a certain amount from the car’s insurance company involved in the accident. But it did not lift the tragedy that we had to face.”

    Source: PuneMirror


  2. The Tweets of the wits !
    What would have happened if twitter was never floating in our web world? All celebrities would have just kept silent with their thoughts groaning in their minds only ! The moment Salman Khan was sentenced jail for 5 years suddenly  every fan got reminded of their twitter account. Tweets took a way to show support to the fallen actor and futile thoughts eve got scrolled high.
    Singer Abhijeet and Ejaz Khan tweeted in support of Salman Khan which was slammed by Rishi Kapoor. Sonakshi Sinha who got into it unwillingly as tagged by Abhijeet also replied diplomatically.
    t1for which Rishi Kapoor’s reply was:t2

  3. Salman got jailed, then why Modiji bailed !?!
    Haters will hate and find a way to criticize with every burning topic though not at all related. Support to Bhai also aroused over whatsapp in many ways. Modi haters got a way to criticize him by linking it somehow to year 2002. The image says it all !

  4. India wants to know, Arnab breaks in.
    Abhijeet’s tweet dragged him in a phone interview with Arnab on Times now. Well, insensitive and senseless tweets does needs explanation when you are a celebrity !



  5. Explanation nailed up in Engineering way !
    KT in a semester is what engineering students fear of and when it comes to explanation of this case to a fan who’s an engineering student, this is the best way. Linking it up all with university and KT
    wa engg

  6. Drinking and driving ≠ Being Human
    Sarcasm will surely find its way in and we’ll soon get to see Anti-Drink and drive slogans relating Bhai’s case sarcastically ! Being Human Tees got a bit of change in their style as you can see.


Not only these but, yet even a week is to pass and we’ll get to see some more in that due time. Indian court taking such serious actions against celebrities too, will raise a hope in Sophisticated Judicial system of India in hearts of the poor.

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