SoundzBest Music, the one stop sound adda for recordings, dubbing and all your audio needs. Located at Nagpur, SoundzBest Studio is place where many song albums are getting recorded and its budding out hits day after day! Currently upholding the SoundzReprise as a flagship, its something music lover will cherish and love.
Reprising new Marathi songs sung by budding artists and so recomposed by the SoundzBest team is what SoundzReprised amazingly all about.

Not only this, other hits like He Ambe sung by Aniruddha Joshi and composed and produced by SoundzBest Music. Along with SoundzResprised, Soundz-Originals is one of our ongoing project where we release music videos of our own originals music!

Our utter aim is to provide platform to new artists and that’s where our ideology lies in every piece of music we make!

Here you can have a taste of our composition and listen every new song released!
SO…. enjoy the musical time here with us!

Our latest release: