Sanjay Dutt’s deceased fan leaves all her money, to him

A deceased fan of actor Sanjay Dutt has reportedly left all her money to him. She had named him as the person who will be given the money in her bank locker and account in her will. And this gesture of the fan has left Dutt completely shocked.
According to the report, Malabar Hill resident Nishi Tripathi, aged 62, who breathed her last on 15th of January after suffering from terminal illness, had willed the money from her bank account and locker to the famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

She had nominated ‘Film star Sanjay Dutt’ in her bank document and had mentioned the address of Dutt’s Pali Hill home. She had also written many letters to the bank to will several other belongings too.

Dutt gets shocked by this fan and refused to take even a single penny from the money.
“We have communicated that Sanjay Dutt will be seeking no claim on the belongings and will adhere to any legal proceedings necessary to transfer the valuables back to the family,” Dutt’s attorney Jadhav was quoted as saying.

Dutt nowadays is in Kolkata for Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3, said, “As actors, we are used to fans naming their children after us, chasing us down the street and even giving us gifts. But this has shocked me. I will not be claiming anything. I did not know Nishi, and I am very overwhelmed by the entire incident to speak about it,” the tabloid quoted Dutt as saying.

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