ZigZag Classic

About ZigZag Classic

★The most addictive game is here! ZigZag Classic- A game where you have to collect the capsules and win your way through by making a high score but watch out! Don’t let the ball fall off the flying platform which will fall off as your ball passes. Collect the green ones to earn 2 points on top of your score meter.

★The Red capsules are your time helpers. Collect the first one and you get a slow passage to control accurately for 15 seconds. Other red capsules will give you a slow passage of 3 seconds tops. Navigate precisely and lead the scoreboard like a pro. Also, if are slowed down and collect a red capsule, you earn 5 points for that! Now you know your aim! Get Started already…

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★Main Features★
✓Addictive gameplay
✓Stunning 3D graphics.
✓Simple yet challenging.
✓Soothing and flawless background music.

We’re sure your time will fly with this game in hand. Let us know your feedback via comments.

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