Phoebe Buffay gives 20’s advice

Lisa Kudrow gives 20’s advice. Says she’s glad she was fired from ‘Frasier’.

“Smelly cat, smelly cat; what are they feeding you?” Nobody likes advice but what if its advice by Phoebe Buffay? In 2010, Lisa Kudrow, who plays the character Phoebe in the hit sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, gave the commencement speech to the undergraduates at her Alma matter, Vassar. A little-known fact is that Lisa was fired from the other hit show ‘Frasier’.

Lisa Kudrow's advice.

Source. Lisa Kudrow at her alma matter

Her speech went as follows:

I got fired from Frasier. The one everyone knew was going to be a hit and it was. This time it was really hard not to think that it wasn’t meant to be; my career as an actress. A couple of months later I was almost completely out of money. Then I got a call from a friend, Richard Kind, and he said… “I heard what happened. I don’t know how you bet up in the morning. How do you even get out bed, get dressed, walk out that door, and show your face?” Yeah, I was getting up in the morning, and leaving my apartment, and maybe I was coping better than I was supposed to and that’s a good sign.”

Lisa Kudrow's advice

Source. Lisa Kudrow and her husband, Michel Stern

She reassured students that another door always opens when one does. She talked about how she continued to give auditions till she became the second person to be cast in a pilot episode, “Friends Like Us” which later became F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She said she was glad she got fired from Frasier and that she didn’t get Saturday Night Live because they were like guideposts. After getting fired, she went to a party where she hit on a guy way out of her league, because she felt she had nothing to lose. That man is now her husband of 15 years.

Students said that they were glad that they heard her because they really needed the advice she gave. Failure is okay, and sometimes even necessary. The video was resurfaced on 23rd September, 2017 and instantly went viral. She also talked about how people are confused in their 20’s and self-doubt just starts to creep in but she also asked the children to keep trying. Quoting her, “It’s not supposed to be easy, but it’s not supposed to be torture.”

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