People: How (Do) They Leave. (?)

What happens when an important part of your life decides to walk away? Do people ever really leave?
How is it that every time you try to recover from the loss- like trying to come up for air after swimming for miles- you are pushed right back into the water; a bottomless abyss of what we call “memories.”

Some people
Always remain a part of you
Even after they’re long gone,
They fill the spaces between your fingers
The silence between heartbeats
The blood in your veins.
They take refugee in the void in your heart
And the hope in your eyes.

They become the thin line
between dreams and reality
And suddenly you recall hearing
That when you don’t want to wake up,
that’s because dreams are better than reality
And you fool yourself into believing that they’re real:
that they’re with you; the people who have made you their home.
You begin to let them feed on you
Drain you of every hope that remains
Every drop of blood in your body.

They claw their way out of your chest;
Leaving you bleeding and struggling
Just like the very first time they left
And that is when it occurs to you
That some people don’t leave
Even when you want them to.

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