A Sister is a Gift from God, Sent from Above to make Life Worthwhile…


It’s really tough being a single child. As said, Only Child; Lonely Child. Life without any siblings is like life a Disco without a DJ, no fun right? I still remember my childhood days when I used to catechize my Mom that why don’t I have any sister? I mean I would love to have a brother too but having a sister is like the best. Lately I have been told that possibly I am too obsessed with this issue but frankly this is one feeling I can never seem to let go of. Believe me when I say this that, even right now I am falling short of words to express my bottled up feelings.

I kinda envy my friends. All of my friends and I literally mean all of them, have siblings. You see, not having a sister is pretty bad but having a brother instead sort of makes up for it… One of the perks of growing up with siblings is that you get quite good at fractions. Blessed are those who have been privileged with a sister for she is your First Friend and Second Mother. Very few are lucky enough to be able to experience this sacred relationship.

Every morning you get to wake up realizing that no matter what happens today my sister will always be by my side, either to back me up or to beat the crap out of me or both. Elder sis will always take the blame for you while younger sissy will be the one you take the blame for, just so as to prevent each other from the wrath of our parents. When I was a kid each year when the divine day to celebrate this relationship would approach I could do nothing but drown myself in self-pity and obscurity. Funny thing is my Mom always understood what I felt and if no one else she herself would tie me a RAKHI, its childish right?! The best part of having a sister is the number of pranks you get to play on her. The grumpy face your sis makes at you when she is bloody pissed off at you, that’s exactly the face that makes you feel fortunate enough to have a sis. Its like having a sleep over with your Best Friend 24/7 with the incentive of pranking her and getting rebuked. I know that most of these stuff might not mean much to many of you but being an only child really stirs up these feelings at times. And to be frank you guyz are partly to be blamed as well since its also your responsibility as my friends to hook me up with a cool chick, make me date her, and spare yourselves from such crappy articles… Never the less, you may keep complaining about how frustrating your life has become coz of your sister but perhaps she might be the Best Thing that has ever happened to you. And even you know deep down inside that she is the only person after Mom you Love & Value the most in your life and you would rather die than let anything bad happen to her. Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping off tears.


A sister is always there for you no matter what you are going through. And if she yells at you or gets mad at you it’s coz she cares about you and wants to keep you on the right track. Even if the whole world turns up against you, your sister will always  believe in you and if you were to fail she will always be behind you to kick you in the a$s and push you to keep moving forward. She is the first person you share a secret with and you never break a Pinky Promise with her. Who do you turn to when your crush rejects your proposal? To your loving Sis, who was the first one to know who your crush is!Funny2~2

     ‘A Sister is not by Blood but by God’. Love her, Make her Smile, Comfort her, Wipe her tears, and Embrace her. Don’t just make a promise this RAKSHABANDHAN of protecting her, coz a girl capable enough to look after her dear brother is definitely more than adept to protect herself. Instead let her know how much you Love her and Care for her just as much as you would want your crush to know about it. Make her Smile, and make sure she doesn’t ever lose that Precious Smile of hers because the day she gets married and bids adieu is the day you will realize that your life was nothing without your Lovely Sissy and you can never have these fun days back with her.

Never take these small things for granted coz someone somewhere would be dying to trade places with you just so as to xperience these wonderful little moments…


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