The most Grueling Dilemma faced in a Teenager’s life is to prioritize between Assassin’s Creed and their Girlfriend. If you are a hard core Gamer then the only possibility of you ever having a Girlfriend is in Age of Conan Game. And if you are in a relationship then you are missing out on hours of fun through killing and exploring in a virtual world. Going out on a date or advancing through the next level in Call of Duty or Managing your Soccer team in FIFA is what you have to choose from! Girls are quite lucky on this matter. The only thing they have to choose from is between Relationship & Friend Zone, either way its their win. No offence Girlz…

Being in a Relationship and Gaming both requires a high level of Concentration, Hard work and Determination. Keeping her happy, Consoling her, Dodging her questionnaires, Spending a helluva money in the dates and gifts, these are quite tedious tasks in a relationship. In Gaming your hard work and dedication will eventually pay off as you are bound to maneuver achievements in it. Howbeit having a GF provides you with an emotional support and companionship which may reduce your stress levels. If you are a Gamer you definitely don’t need to worry about any Refusals or Breakups…Instead you are tend to have a feeling of self-accomplishment more often and you always end up staying Happy, a little Violent but Happy! As of staying in a relationship you are more likely to trust people and notice the good in them. Knowing that she loves you and cares about you boosts your self-confidence and it in turn reflects in other aspects of your life as well.

Cuz am a gamer!

A latest study led by researchers at the University of Toronto found that video gaming makes learning Sensorimotor or Hand-Eye coordination skills easier and better. On the other hand having a GF may provide a secure base from which the confidence to make vital decisions and tackle various obstacles in life develops, says Joseph Dragun, (Ph.D., Psychologist & Founder of the Relationship Center of Michigan).

Your GF makes you feel Special and always stands by you whatever the odds which can’t be said about your precious Game. For Gamers their Joystick or Console is their Eternal friend. They consider it even more valuable than a Cell phone. That’s what makes them happy in life. But whichever the Game it might be you definitely can’t feel the same pleasure by combating your enemies as you would while kissing your Girlfriend. If you have ever watched the well-known sitcom THE BIG BANG THEORY than you are pretty aware of what I am talking about! For those who haven’t the show features the life of four close nerdy friends; A Theoretical Physicist, An Experimental Physicist, An Astrophysicist and an Aerospace Engineer & how their life is in turmoil when they have to choose between their Valuable Gaming Life and their so called Girlfriends.

Gaming not only reduces your stress and depression it also provides pain relief and improves your visual perception. Whereas having a GF means having someone to talk to and share all of your problems with when no one else is available. Ironically the only thing common between your Game & your GF is that in either of the scenarios 1 damn mistake is all it takes to screw things up. 1 mistake and your Gaming Character dies! 1 mistake and you might as well kiss a Goodbye to your GF, 4ever…!

As for my opinion goes I am an Addicted Gamer with no Girlfriend YET. So yes, I am ought to support and share concerns with my fellow Gamers but since my Crush might also be reading all of these, I will have to tilt towards and vote in favor of having a GF. Can’t mess up my only chance, can I? But everyone is more than welcome to share their opinions regarding this matter but unlike me just make sure to be honest with your viewpoint …



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