My Human Complaint Box.

To my Karan,

It’s been almost 4 months since we met. One event brought us together. I never expected that we will become such good friends. I never thought you will be my solace.

We just happen to meet under working atmosphere with phone logs and laptops click. The first time I spoke to you casually was after midnight, under the open sky, about not so important things. If you had not revealed your age, I would not have guessed that you are one year younger to me. That’s strange! Though, you behaviour gives evidence of your age.

Your old phone, whose keypad was broken and we used to invent new words out of it, that could probably put Oxford Dictionary into depression. I don’t really understand your fetish for my sweaters… Do you like girls’ winter collection by any chance?! Jokes apart, I never mind sharing my shrug or hoodie with you. We were actually breaking the stereotype of “the boy lending his jacket to the girl.”

On a serious note, like the title says you are my human complaint box. You always lend ears to my irrelevant nagging and ranting.You are such an amazing listener that I just want to go on speaking, so I could get everything out, that has been bottled up inside me since forever. You have never judged me for it. You have always supported me through my good and bad phases. You have always cheered me up when sad. You always crack some lame joke to lessen my frowning.

I hate how you screenshot my ugly expression during video chat, then post it as your story. The one thing that you did which made me blush was when you updated your WhatsApp status as “Taken by Nida Khan.” You always make me feel beautiful.

No matter where you go or how less we meet. We will never grow apart. You will always be in my heart, safe and sound. I promise, I’d be with you through your best and worst situations. I will never leave you. Thank you for being there for me. You are amazing just the way you are. I miss you. I love you to eternity, and beyond. Be happy.

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