Mental Abuse.

Mental abuse is the most cruel form of abuse where the victim most of the time is not even aware that he/she is been abused. There is no hand raised, foul languages, or bloodshed. The abuser makes it look very subtle. I have been there and it’s extremely draining and sometimes it makes you think that the fault lies within you and you’re toxic. Whereas, the truth is if you think that way then the abuser has done his/her job well.

Once I was involved with a person who completely drained me from inside and out. Being with that person was itself a battlefield. It even affected my physical health. This person controlled me in a most torturous way & made me question my own sanity. I knew that I deserve better, but I couldn’t end it. I invested so much into it that I didn’t want to let go. At the end, when this person left I was the bad one and everything was my mistake.

There are so many people out there like that. It can either be your own family members, friends, partners, colleagues, teachers, or anyone close to you. That’s sad, the most beloved people in your life are the ones who give you the biggest disappointments. They let you down. They hurt you. They ignore you. They fill you with negativity. Whatever you do or say is wrong. When you’re with them you feel like walking on a egg shell and you need to be careful. You can’t be yourself with them. They might love you or care about you. But remember more than anything you deserve respect. If a relationship lacks respect then it’s equal to nothing. It’s hollow from inside and when things will stop working on their favour or you’ll voice against them, they’ll torn you apart. They’ll disappear like you never meant anything to them. No matter what you do they will never come back because they never truly loved you. They used you to feed their pride. You’re nomore useful to them. They will crumble you into pieces and walk over those pieces brutally.

Being mentally abused includes emotional manipulation where they’ll have excuse for everything they do wrong in the world. They are always the innocent souls trapped in a bad world. They will control your emotions. You can’t turn against them or else you have to go through a phase of gas lighting where they will show you that you’re nothing infront of them and they have a power over you. Every damn thing is about them, for them, is them. They are the sun around which you should wander. They can’t tolerate watching themselves lose control over you. They will blame you for everything that goes wrong. They will make you feel guilty for the things you never did wrong. They will challenge your beliefs and self esteem. They take you for granted and know that you’ll always come back.

You should stop letting such kind of people take over your sanity. They like being dominant. They don’t need love, but power. They are the people who will act up nice socially, but once you get to know them on a personal level, they’ll show their true colours you. They stay good with everyone and show their bad side only to you because at the end when it’s over, people would believe them, not you. They are pro-mind players. They are narcissists. They need help. But you don’t need to sacrifice yourself in order to save them. Stay away from people who drags your self respect down and let you cry inconsolably without a flinch in their heart.

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