Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, or is it??

Mystery of Men and Women :

It does not take a genius to realize that men and women think in a completely different way as compared to the opposite sex, Jim Carrey in one of his stand up comedies once said that, “Men are actually much, much romantic. You’ll always find a guy saying my life was sad,  but she! Ohh if I could tell you my friend, she changed my life I am happy and successful now all because of her, I want her at any cost in my life. But on the contrary that’s what women think about shoes”. This was his way of satire and was a bit blunt in a way but somewhere it touched me.

One more incident in which I and my boss were having a conversation about how both the sexes think and she said Men are more compartmentalised they have everything that they think about sorted that’s why once men are onto something they tend to be in that phase and can’t pay attention to anything else. Women on the other hand are multi-taskers to say the least their brain is a mix of all the millions of thoughts no compartments just one huge box to store away everything. But in my personal opinion I was left unsatisfied with both of these and millions of other places where I tried to find out whats going on in my mom’s, sister’s or any girls head for that matter and the unexpected ping when I got a similar opinion from a female friend as in I was very hard to understand as a person,

     Now based on my observations of my friends and people I have been closely associated with I came to a very simple yet a bit of a complicated conclusion. Now I am no psychology student but according to me men and women’s minds resemble somewhat like Coconuts and Onions, yeah I know it sounds a bit strange but bear with me and I’ll make my point clear. Before I go ahead I just want to say that this observation which I have made is not supposed to mock anyone and if you feel offended in any way I am very sorry in advance. So, first I’ll talk about the female mentality ladies first.


     Women are generally categorised to be touchy , emotional and attached to items more than living beings in flesh and blood. I feel its somewhat unfair on their part. Coming straight to the point I mentioned a point saying women’s minds working like an Onion, so look at this way when you look at an onion you see a fruiting body of a plant which looks like layers upon layers on each other so that’s how a female loves things no 2 things are loved differently just like the layers slowly converge to the centre there is a matter of priority of which layer goes to the centre and which layer is superficially, but now you might argue that bro, but we always love something less and the other thing more what about that, to that I say how easy is the outer layer of an onion to remove than to remove the innermost layer without disturbing the entire arrangement of layers that disturbance measures to how much a girl will be disturbed when a specific element is removed from her life. Just a thought though please mention what do you think


   Ohh Men!! How art thou exist. Women either have respect for a certain Man or utter disgust for a guy because guys are completely different in their own twisted way and people wonder if they are devoid of any emotions or sense of responsibilities, but as I said men have minds like coconuts they have a thick shells which they never easily let anything through and there is usually just one thing in the core like the water in the coconut, you can make a hole and taste it and you will know how much a guy loves that thing or person and if you destroy the coconut by smashing it open and removing that thing from his mind, a guy becomes a broken hollow of a man who can never be healed if a guy gives you that place you are very lucky indeed but sadly experiences and lifestyles of people result in not even girlfriends or boyfriends for that matter not gaining that spot.

    On an ending note I would say if a girl loves you always be there for her for if the layer with your name on it is removed it will hurt her a lot but there will be a time when she will move on after rearranging the layers of her one onion of a mind. On the other hand if a guy loves you and he really means it you are what it matters the most to him if there is no you, there is no him and when he recovers he has a completely new coconut because the last one has no water and is completely useless I.e. he is a completely changed man.

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