Lost – in your own self

A failed attempt to turn the alarm off. A class missed. I get out of the bed wishing I didn’t have to. The thought-provoking speeches or the quotes stuck on my desk do little to motivate. Neither do the stories of rags to riches motivate me to do better in life anymore. Oblivious of the surroundings at times, so lost. Most of the people in the world are lost, emotionally and are harming themselves passively or aggressively. I feel lost inside myself. I don’t feel like I’m terribly important to anyone anymore. I just exist in people’s lives.

The impetus of life to find your place or carve your own niche. But do we even know what we want to do in the next year, let alone in life. It’s difficult to accept that you’re lost and clueless. Talking about this to someone could make you vulnerable since you tend to feel that they have it all figured out. So you’re actually distancing yourself from the people you love but it’s involuntary. You feel like you’re bordering insanity for no apparent reason and are constantly battling between your heart and your brain.

We all have a dream. It could be well defined or a vague idea. But we dismiss the dreams because we’re stuck with self-doubt and think they’re too unrealistic. This in turn affects your mood which swings from sad to angry and happiness is a long lost dream. This is an alarming sign that you need a road map. And you hold a firm belief that you hold no worth. You’re so tired of all the drama and of things that are NOT happening in your life that you just give up on everything. This might appear as laziness to others, and it becomes a way of life. Your life is basically on autopilot and you just want to get over with it. Most of us feel this way but if pushed a lot we could fall of the cliff.

You’d feel lost further in your life but remember to be hopeful that everything will be just fine because it always does. Yeah being lost could give you pangs of athazagoraphobia, which is the fear of being forgotten or replaced but you’ll learn that people who love you don’t forget you. I’ve got over with such moments myself. Being lost is completely okay. Take a deep breath and consider this as a turning point of your life. You’d be astonished to see the kind of person that comes out on the other side and you’ll finally have everything figured out. And also know that you’re not in this alone 🙂

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