Letter to my best friend who is getting married.

Dear Sister,

Calling you my “best friend” is too mainstream. Honestly, I cannot believe that I’m writing this to you. Cannot believe that you are getting married. (read: it’s unbelievable that he is accepting you with your retardedness) The most awaited day is finally here!

Best friend

I’ll sure miss these untimely chats!

I know I don’t need to thank you for anything, but it want to. For all the times you saved my ass,got me food when I was low,helped me complete assignments, dragged me on suicide missions,let me stay over and laze around in your house,(speaking of which, Your room is mine now.) guided me through new technology,listened to me jabber about how unfair the world is and how we are nothing but leaves falling from a tree into an abyss of nothingness,put up with my faults and flaws and took up the role of the elder sister I never had. You had every chance to walk away, considering my constant cribbing about life and depression, but you did not.
You stood by me, and gave me a new family. Thank you for three solid years of severe identity crisis because people always got confused with your names! Not to mention all the times we spoke to people from each other’s phones because apparently we sound alike, too! Staying in an unknown city, you became my home away from home.
I know that you are stepping into a completely different life now, and I couldn’t be happier! I see the way your eyes light up when you talk about him, and I know you are in good hands. Promise me something today- that the doors of your house and the free food does not end with your wedding. Jokes apart, Promise me that I will still be a part of your life. We’ll still hangout and sing together, just like we used to. We will make up random stories in English class and get the class applauding. We will talk about carols and Christmas and food and that you will continue to steal my pens. We will send crazy voice notes to each other and make our own cocktails from the drinks in the canteen. Promise me all this, and promise me that the place that I hold in your heart will not change. We both know that friendships don’t last forever. I want you to promise me that ours will. In return, I promise to be the coolest aunt ever! I am honoured to be a part of your big day; to see you living the fairly tale that will be my kids’ favourite. Even though it’ll be a reminder of how alone and unstable I am in life and how bad I look with make up, I am sure your wedding will be one of the best nights of my life.
Live your life to the fullest. Give him all the love possible,and stand together through everything. Life holds unimaginable happiness for you two!

Best wishes,

PS- Dedicated to Sakina Naquvi. You are going to be the most beautiful bride ever. I love you.

best friend

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