It’s so cold without you.

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It’s the first month of the year.
The new beginning of everything.
Making and breaking of resolutions.
Meeting and leaving of people.
Following and unfollowing of trends.

Right now, I’m wearing the same sweater that you used to wear when you were here with me.
It still smells like you.
Warm and close.
Like a cozy room near the bonfire.
Holding hands, laughing on stupid jokes, dreaming of our fairy tale romance.

You were as pure as lily.
Symbolising peace and restoring my faith in humanity.
Your face illuminated brighter than the sun.
Your scars deeper than the dark spot on the moon.
You were my stardust.

Your smile curated the poetries.
Your hair weaved the clouds.
Your body inspired the sculpture.

You were so magnificent that at times I felt insignificant.
Your voice strike the chord of my heart strings in the same way my favourite love song did.

You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story baby just say yes…

Your touch exploded thousand of blood vessels into my vein as if I’m never going to make it out alive from it.
You were the living example of a perfect human being.

Life without you feels so empty.
The butterflies in my stomach have died thousand of death since the day you left.
I’m holding your favourite coffee mug. Making two cups of black coffee.
Probably wishing you to come back and have a sip of it just to tell me how terrible does it taste, again.

I know you will never come back.
You are long gone.
With all the sweet-bitter memories of ours, I shall keep you locked in the secret room of my heart, which key’s I wish to lose soon to never find it ever again.

It’s so cold without you.

And am turning blue everyday.

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