Its not who I am underneath, but what I do defines me !

Yes, we all are superheroes!

Lately, there has been all this commotion going on around the world about the Superheroes Stuff. Well, DC and Marvel sure have come a long way in actually making us all believe in their crazy cinematic universe. Superheroes from other planets, Superheroes with amazing superpowers, and the best of them all; Superheroes with no god damn superpowers and yet being called one. Superpowers or not, we have all at least once in our lifetime wished to be a superhero including me of course. Actually, I still do! Like I still sometimes wish that somehow I become a very successful billionaire and then eventually make myself an elector-mechanical suit and spend my free time-fighting crimes, or the better, I somehow get struck by a radioactive lightning and I gain the super ability to become the fastest man alive and travel at the speed of light, or get bit by a genetically engineered spider and swing through buildings. That would be cool.

Oh man! I do sound like a nerd now, which I am but still in denial…. Anyways as I was saying the older we grow the deeper we bury down our childish desire so that we no longer continue to make ourselves a fool in front of our friends and family. But the question is can we only save the world by becoming a superhero? I mean is our intention really about saving the world and fight against crimes and injustice or all we do is crave for some justice to be served disguised by a life filled with thrill and adventure! If we really wanted to save the world then perhaps we wouldn’t have waited for some highly unlikely godly miracle to happen and grant us some Superpowers. We should always remember we are the heroes of our own life.

A Superhero is not all about superpowers, costumes, high tech weaponry, armors, or combat. It’s their ability to help others without feeling any need for appreciation. We often ignore the sacrifices they make just in order to keep the common people safe. Strangers whom they don’t even know about, they are willing to risk their lives just to keep them safe. Are we really capable of doing that?

Actually, we are! Every little good deed we do for the society contributes to the greater development of it in some of the other way. In other words, we might not be able to make that big an impact like Spiderman or the Batman or Flash but as a Mob, we actually might be able to make a difference. How you ask?!? Well, every time we observe any unjust act we often tend to ignore it for that matter is totally irrelevant to us. Just to think that we actually have the audacity to expect any kind of help from others in such situations when we ourselves never even bother to lend a hand to others. That’s what makes us so selfish and self-centered. We even choose to bribe to get our work done while failing to realize not only how illegal it is but also while doing so we are also robbing an opportunity from a deserving individual. Despite committing such hideous actions we try to compare ourselves with these superheroes. Our actions define our character. We are ready to consider these fictional characters as our idols but we fail to acknowledge the great deeds performed by great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa and so on.

The society would definitely appreciate an intellectual to ensure its own development but it no longer needs one. The world is already filled with enough geniuses to send a space probe to the other end of the galaxy. What the world needs now desperately are Superheroes. Not the ones in Comics and Movies, but the ones in real life. WE! It needs people who can selflessly contribute to the betterment of the world through their good deeds and that too without the requirement of any kind of superpower. Coz always remember True power dwells in one’s own heart.

So if you are ready to live a life full of adventure and obstacles, ready to fight crime and injustice, ready to save the World but without any Superpowers, then grab a Cape, put on a Mask and set out to create your own Superhero Movie and don’t let any Supervillian stop you…

….Because a hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulders to let him know the world hadn’t ended…

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