Interview Air – Changing the face of recruitment today!

You can not only give but even PRACTICE a real-time Interview with Interview Air.

Interview Air, here it is guys! The novelty you all will see soon enough in the process of hiring and actually practicing an interview of any company. Many of the young generation students in their final year of studies have either got placed or are in the process. This process, believe me, is not that simple. Aptitude, programming tests or any of the MCQ type or paper-pencil tests can be mastered by practice but what about the interviews? The interview is the major elimination round where the interviewer will grill you on all sorts of questions and possibilities! Your knowledge, confidence, behavior and a countless things are analyzed in this process. Thus, making the interview a crucial stage to get in a company.

Interview air

This is how it looks when you visit it.

The most standard and regular way of getting students ready for the interviews, a college ever follows is the ‘Mock interview’. Well, you’d know it better if you are a final year student right now. All this process involves is a teacher or alumni who will fire few selected questions at you, trying to resemble it like an actual interview. But this helps a bit only because when a company person interviews you, he does it as his job and asks all concerned questions that will filter out only the best candidates.

So, what if you had this opportunity to practice a real interview from anywhere and at anytime and using any device! Get remarks and guidance for the trial interviews you’ll give? So, not only the students, this will even help companies and placement officers in colleges too to keep a track and evaluation record of the students! The best part – all these good-to-go facilities are available at the push of the button in InterviewAir. Founded by Mr. Rohit Taneja with an awesome team of IITians and IIM guys, Interview Air is aimed to minimize the gap between the students and the companies. After the success of Monster Instinct, a corporate product, Rohit and his team got into the development of this all-rounder concept.

Now, how an all rounder one? Well, because it’s not only developed from a single point of view, but it’s an idea that will help the student, the college and the company as well. All the three counter parts have a benefit from Interview Air. Each of them has their separate portal with different information displayed as per the requirements! That is the real beauty of this idea – It creates an ecosystem where you can have a single point of access to all the things.

So what’s in the pack for each one of them?

Interview Air

This is what a student gets.

If you are a student, you have a whole lot that will help you build and strengthen the skills you need as per company’s requirement. Your dashboard will have your complete resume, but in a more descriptive format – your skills, personal details, educational details and every other little detail to make your profile stand out in front of your prospective employer. And the best part is the interview. You either get in a practice interview mode or in the real deal! This special feature simply enhances the beauty of a student’s profile because it appears on your dashboard and if you perform awesome, the company as well as your college (if you go via campus placement using Interview Air) can see and analyze it.

Interview Air

IF you are an HR or a company recruiter…

For companies it provides a dashboard to view candidates and their interview performance. They can view any candidate’s interview in parts as per questions and can even conduct further interview rounds with them if required. This makes it a lot easier to finalize the candidates as it helps to filter among many.

Interview air

And if you are a TPO of some college!

And for the college, they have very unique infographic charts that will scrutinize and bifurcate candidates that are – hired, pending and even ones that are on hold or rejected; this simplifies the process of campus placement. Also, it has an Alumni map to track the already placed students from their college.

So, isn’t this a fully loaded, ready to help idea for students, companies and colleges as well? Aimed to modify the face of the interviewing process till now! And as Interview Air aspires of becoming a verb in the recruitment process, it will surely be!

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