Kill the Depression.

People generally believe that depression is lurking in the dark alone or bawling your eyes out on washroom tiles at 3 in the morning for no reason. Whereas, it’s nothing like that. Depression doesn’t make a person looks sick or weak physically. Its symptoms are not physically present and we might mistake the person suffering that he/she is absolutely fine.

The most dangerous thing about depression is that it’s very silent. It doesn’t knock or announce before approaching. You might be at cloud nine at the moment or about to conquer the world and suddenly it hits you… it hits you so damn hard that you can’t get up for a while. You feel exhausted mentally. All your energy and enthusiasm gets drained and all you are left with sadness in different shades.

People with depression are often confused with lost and unhappy soul. They don’t do it deliberately. That’s not how they were created or want to function. But the main wire of their brain is being damaged and they need help. Even though, they don’t seek it or call out for it. We should help them. It can occur to anyone at any given point of time irrespective of your age, class, status, background, past, present, gender. It sees nothing and attacks you.

If you see someone in your surrounding behaving differently than their usual self, not eating well or sleeping properly or eating and sleeping too much, laughing too much or too less, crying over small things or acting numb, getting emotional too fast or not getting emotional at all, cancelling the plans that they were excited about before.

Ask them if they are okay! The least we can do is be there for them while they fight with their demons. Don’t leave them alone or let them fall in the trap of their chain of thoughts that they lonely and nobody cares. Tell them that you are always there to give ears to their words and be patient with them while they get out this dark phase like a warrior.

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