I’m a Badass!

Source: Facebook images.

I was 9 when I corrected a guy over the result of ‘WrestleMania (WWE)’ then, and he and his sfriends gave me a surprise look because they never expected a girl to be following a wrestling show.

I was 16 when a guy asked me out and I said no. The next day I woke up to a notification where he called me ‘slut and bitch’ on our city’s confession page.

I was 20 when a guy spread rumours about me because I chose my self respect over him.

I have been touched inappropriately innumerable times. I have been called names from the same mouth who called me an angel before I refused them. I have been in a situation where guys have tried taking advantage of my vulnerable state. I have been given a weird look for showing interest in stuff which apparently belongs to the male tribe. I have been judged for my choices in life. I have been looked down for being a single girl living alone in an unknown city. I have seen the society trying to shut me out if I’m raising my voice against the injustice. I have seen girls turning their back against a girl victim because they don’t want to be part of a controversy.

Infact, almost every girl has been through such incidents at least once in their life.
When a girl is independent and is not afraid of being herself people try to pull her down just because they can’t stand to an intimidating vibe radiating from her. They can’t accept the fact that a girl can also speak for herself. She can put her needs and necessities before others. She can turn them down if she wants to. She can too live her life on her own terms and conditions. She doesn’t need anyone’s validation.

If all these qualities makes girl a badass, then guess what, am happy being one!

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