If I wrote a letter to you.

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If I had to write a letter to you. What would I write? Hmm…

I think, I’ll write about how my day takes so long to end when you are not around. How I can’t fall asleep without listening to your old voice notes at night. I keep searching for your face in the crowd, hoping that may be, just may be, you’ll show up out of nowhere. I know you won’t, though. I keep wandering off deep into your thoughts, zillion times a day. If you and I were constellation I’d have named it , parallel lines, you know how it never intersects. Just like how our paths never cross.

I’d also mention about your constant nagging of things you don’t like. Like, you don’t like when someone touches your phone, or your hair, or anything that is yours. You never liked anyone touching me, too. Your eyes were like ocean. I could never swim into those. I drowned while looking into them. You smile was so wide that it used to make my heart flutter so bad. It still does, sometimes, when I see your photos.

I’d tell you about my new addiction to Japanese music. And I still listen to K-pop. I do love Taehyung more than you. Atleast, he didn’t leave me like you did. I have so much to write about, but I’d never write them to you. I know you don’t care. You were my human diary. I wish you had never left. I wish you’d have kept all your promises. All I can do is wish. Nothing is going to change.

Lastly, I loved you with everything I ever had in me. I gave you my heart, my soul. I still have marks of the galaxy you painted on my body. I’m sure I’ll fall once again in love with you if you ever come up to my door with or without an apology, which is never going to happen. How can I forget you when there is always something to remind me of you?! Only if I had guts to write all this to you, to see your reaction. I’d have done in the very moment when you were gone.

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