I am Sensitive!

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I have been hearing this word called “sensitive” a lot since my childhood. Called sensitive at times annoyed me because people would laugh at me and ask me to grow thick skin. What does that even mean? Am I supposed to masked myself up for their ignorance?

As a child I was curious to know what does this word actually signifies. One thing I was sure that it’s not a sign of being weak. It’s the strength a warrior wears as a shield on the battlefield to fight its demons. Because evils are the most insensitive creatures you will ever come across.

People used to, nay, still call me sensitive. Why? Because I give cry easily, and feel everything very deeply. I don’t just speak words; I bleed them out of my mouth.That’s why I always mean what I say. That’s the price you pay for being too blunt for your own good. I do not sympathise; I empathise. I do not pass on judgements; I search for reasons. I think of every possible way to believe you are a good person, eventhough, you are really not. It hurts being hyper-sensitive at times. But that’s alright. As they say, it’s both a curse & a blessing to feel everything so deep. I don’t do it deliberately. That’s how I was created.

Vulnerable. Transparent. Passionate.

It took me a while to accept my sensitivity as my biggest gift. Now when I have finally realized the value of this very word so I don’t feel bad at all when someone calls me that. I take pride in my sensitivity. Not many has been blessed with the priviledge to be a born healer. We burn ourselves to light others. Take away this one attribute of my personality and I shall never be the same.

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