In a world which is blinded by lust, I search for true love.

I search for the one who would be thoughtful in mind, not heedless.

In today’s generation where we change dates as a daily calendar. I want mine to be like my birth date. Where people pass out in a pub and wake up in a strange room and the bedsheet smells of an unfamiliar fragrance. They don’t remember the name or face of the person they were with last night because they were too high. They smoke away their worries. They get drunk on their pains. They kiss the wrong person to forget the one they are missing. They think it’s cool to have hooked up tales to tell their not so cool friends.

One night stand, casual dating, open relationship, friends with benefits are one of the same with no strings attached.

Source: Facebook images.

The culture where people don’t belong to people, but solely to their greeds. We don’t seek for soul connection anymore. We run behind the perfectly curved bodies to satisfy our needs. We fear commitment. Where marriage is an old school thought and live-in is a new trend. Where technology has taken over our ethics. Now people don’t write from their heart but just type with their mind elsewhere.

I don’t belong to this culture. I’m old fashioned at heart. I believe in loyalty and everlasting love. I crave a long-term commitment. Love was never all sweet, cute, and everything nice. It was meant to fight for. Just imagine what would it feel like narrating your love story to your grandchildren from 40 years down the line. What it would feel like waking up to a person who is more familiar than your own soul. What it would feel like receiving poetries written in your name. What it would feel like having someone to call “yours” forever.

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