A Letter to the room-mates who became family.

It has been over a month since you left, but I haven’t been able to get used to the empty room just yet. It’s the way of life, I know. People come and go all the time. But somehow, among all the people that came and left, your absence affected me the most. When I came to Hyderabad, I was braced for new experiences, meeting new people and having fun!
What I wasn’t prepared for, was finding people who would become my family in this strange new city. I always yearned for an elder sister, and you two fit the gap perfectly!

Sharing a room with unknown people is not easy, but the discomfort between us lasted for a very short time. Before we knew it, we were digging out clothes from each other’s cupboards and watching movies together. It’s actually hard to say when we got this close. Maybe it was the time I caught you crying while hiding your face behind your laptop. Or when we spent hours at night staying up studying or just talking about life. When we shared valuable gyan with each other about fashion, or when our moms knew they could call either of us to ask about our whereabouts. Who knows!

At the end of the day we didn’t have our family to take care of us, or to cook for us, but we always had each other.

Whether it was waking me up early for an exam, cooking for me or helping me study, you did anything to everything! On my weakest days, you reminded me to be strong. And on the hungriest of days, you let me have the last spoon of khichdi from your plate. 😛 At a very inconsistent time in my life, when everything around me was changing quickly, it was comforting to know that you two were there.
Every picture of us that’s stuck on my wall reminds me of our memories that will last for a lifetime.

So, thank you for riding with me on this bumpy, crazy and emotional road called Life!
Being the awkward emotional fool that I am, goodbyes have never been easy for me. I love you two, and I truly hope than you get everything you wish for, and more. (Well, everything but a room-mate like me!)

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