Some of the Health benefits of Amla Fruit

Amla has been used since ages for its medicinal properties. In the Ayurveda context, the fruit, seeds, leaves, root, bark and flowers of Amla are used. In regards to the Elements of Ayurveda (Doshas), Amla’s cooling properties and taste helps to balance the Vata and Pitta.

This all-rounder fruit not only has benefits widely discussed such as immunity boosting, promotion of hair growth, maintaining hair thickness, reducing sugar levels in diabetics, regenerating tissues and improving digestion. There are also lesser propagated benefits of amla such as it being a good cure for fever, reducing signs of aging, improving vision, balancing nitrogen levels in the body, reducing the chances of cardiac ailments and maintaining weight.

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Amla is one of the 3 ingredients of the Triphala (Three Fruits) in Ayurveda. Triphala is used to detoxify the body, clean up the digestive system, and nourish the respiratory and cardiac system and reduction of obesity. In some cases, where the digestive tract experiences too much heat, Amla by itself can be more effective than Triphala.

In India, “Chyawanprash” is a natural form of multi vitamins. The main ingredient of the same is Amla. A lot of us do have Chyawanprash as kids, since we are forced to have it by our parents or grandparents. But as we grow up, the habit eventually goes. This is because Chyawanprash comes as a bitter, sticky paste that is inconvenient to carry around. Even though this formulation is very effective in revitalization, energy and immunity, it has lost relevance due to its form.

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