He Ambe- New buzz for this Diwali!

Music follows the tradition and when it is about festive especially, in India Music is the main stream for celebrations; of course with crackers and lightings. We all grew up hearing fusions but this fusion- He Ambe is something unique. When it comes about fusion, it is hardly imagined to be in a spiritual line of music, just because spirituality= Classicals is what we always think.

But, this is something different. Indian and a Western fusion for a spiritual song. Sung by Anirudha Joshi (Mahagayak) and profoundly composed by Suniket Dange was efficiently and successfully recorded, shot and edited at Soundz Best Studio- Nahush Badge. The song has 109 instruments arranged in adept way; not only that as you can see in the images a whole Dhol Tasha ensemble of Shivmudra was summoned for this auspicious song.

So, here is the freshly launched “He Ambe

And the team He Ambe:

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