Graverot- A death metal sensation from Mumbai

Its quite a way of music, the Death Metal flourishing newly among the youths today. ‘A hard rock music with a growling voice.’ Well this is what many of us think it is when hear it for the very first time, which actually isn’t. The way these bands perform, the skills each artist acquire after consistent jamming (practicing) is amusing and epic.

Here we got this chance of having a chat with Graverot, a death metal band from Mumbai. All enthusiastic and in an awesome way these guys prove to be different from others. Not that these guys are full time into it, but are college students. Standing out of ‘only-career-oriented-thinking’ we see today, all members of this band take their time and vouch it for the music, their passion. They have performed in various colleges and also at Hard Rock cafe, Andheri marking their niche in this music.

Here’s an excerpt form our conversation :

1) First of all, how you all got together and how this idea of a Metal band got into you ?
All of us were in the same college and were very much into metal. We had just picked up our instruments and were looking forward to play for some band. Somehow we all met and decided to jam, and one jam led to another and we were a “band”.

2)Why only the death metal music ?
We always wanted to play death metal, somehow that sub-genre really gave us goosebumps and was something that stood apart from other genres. Also we grew up mostly listening to death metal, so we had a strong liking towards that side of the genre.
3) What other things each of you does when not into music i.e. something about your academic/student life ?
Ummm, we’ve had quite a few line-up changes, Palash who was are first vocalist had to quit the band to pursue his studies up-north in Shillong and we’ve also switched two drummers for almost the same reason. So as of now, we’re just 3 guys i.e Shawn who’s getting his bachelors in physics degree and Gaurish who’s a third year microbiology students and im (Kushal) getting my architecture degree. All of us, though will be graduating soon. So, yeah its pretty cool.
4)Till now where you’ve performed and do tell about your first stage performance as a band ?
We’ve performed at a few college festivals , competitions etc . Our first show was at N.M College ,and that was like the first time any of us ever went onstage. It was awesome!! We knew we wanted to keep doing this again and again. Even though we played just one song that day, we experienced so much!! That show was the right kick-off.
5)I’ve seen you all performing in Hard-Rock cafe, Andheri I suppose… so any heart throbbing moment there ?
Yeah we recently played at Hard Rock Cafe for the hard rock rising gigs happening all across India. It was sick! We really enjoyed our set there twice, I happened to injure my leg during one of our songs and I played the rest of the set limping. Haha! It was truly a moment for us just to unite as a band and doing what we love and also to see so many people appreciating the music!
6) What your family, friends / girlfriend thinks about you being in this band ? 
We been blessed to have our families /friends and girlfriends (lol) support the kind of music we play! Even though our parents don’t really understand what we’re playing they just are awesome people who need forever.
7) How you guys manage the practice sessions and how you come up with new themes or say a new song cuz that’s what eats my mind that how bands get there themes for the songs ?
We jam at least twice a week, we come up with stuff randomly during our jam sessions. Rarely we sit and write guitar parts or vocals at home. I think jamming frequently has really helped us understand our potential and what can we come up with together that sound good to us!
Our “theme” is mainly Egyptian mythology which we really have a liking towards. Our last single which we released speaks about the ancient Egyptian goddess ‘Ma’at’ and how the concept of balance and order of this universe is just haywire.
Our album which we’re working on will be having heavy middle-eastern

8)The last question, where you guys see yourself in future, I mean yeah Graverot will flourish but what are you’re future plans with the band?
As of now we plan on releasing a full-fledged album by the end of this year. And also playing as many gigs we can! That’s the plan!

The band itself and its performance :

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