Flash sales or Fake Sale? Xiaomi and Flipkart playing with customers!

The FLASH SALES last only for a minute or even less!

At 12:00 PM midday of 14th Feb 2018, Xiaomi launched it’s most anticipated and celebrated phone the Redmi Note 5 pro in India. The best in its segment and a terrific phone with a camera beast and flattering specifications that would put any buyer in an awe. This alluring phone has everything and took the internet like a blazing star! BUT!

Yep, there’s this BUT which f**ks with every genuine buyer’s mind. Call it a marketing strategy or a hoax. The FLASH SALE. Who isn’t pissed off by this stunt? Why? asks every buyer who just tries to buy this phone and be happy ever after! Well, of course, I’m one of them. Tried every time with all the tactics and tricks but all in vain. Luck won’t even dare to assist it seems. Also, I tried to buy it using the auto cart apps on my android device but what can an app do if it’s all just a FAKE!

I call it fake as I think both Flipkart and Xiaomi are just playing and trying to create a hype. The recent sale was on 21st March and today that’s 23rd March I got this notification from Flipkart of another sale at 12:00 PM. My Reaction- Let’s run! Another chance to buy! God please, help me to succeed in this mission… And I bought the phone! Haha!

NO! Such happy endings are prohibited under the terms of FLASH SALES. What actually happened was, at the stroke of 12:00 PM in all the clocks around me, the Coming Soon button turned to… OUT OF STOCK! I mean it was just 10 seconds past 12! Who the hell buys all the phones in 10 seconds? Or were there only one or half of the phone on sale? What?!? This failed attempt did enrage me and here I am.

The market revelations about Redmi Note 5 Pro availability

It’s not only this which led me to believe it to be a Fake Sale. Before the sale of 21st March, I took a market survey. This place is Pimpri Market in Pune where every other shop is a mobile shop. Dazzling with signboards of Mi Phones available here! With almost every shop owner/ Sales person I spoke to, they actually have Redmi Note 5 Pro for sale. Strange? Isn’t it? People like me just stick to the internet and try to grab this piece of awesome technology via these manipulated and controlled hype sales whereas these shops have not one but hundreds’ of Redmi Note 5 Pro. This isn’t the full story yet. The catch is, all are sold for no less than 16,200/-. A 4GB RAM variant is of 16,200! So you pay 2000 more than the actual price of the phone. Ridiculous! And Bargaining brought the price down to 16,200 which the sellers stated to be 17,500/- initially. This is for the black variant. So yes, there’s racism too. The Rose Gold variant is like a diety followed by Gold. Prices don’t go below 17,000/- for these variants. As if the company’s building the shiny back from real 24 Carat gold.

Again, these were the local sellers. After talking to the Mi affiliated Jio stores, I understood they took pre-orders with an advance payment of 2000/- The pre-orders were taken very less like 5 to 10 orders per shop and those are fulfilled in a span of 10 days. This was revealing and enraging and confusing! Outrage it is!

My question to Xiaomi: If these phones are Out of Stock how is it possible that these stores get their hands on Note 5 Pro in bulk? Is there any foul play from your end to earn profits from the local sellers? If yes, why not just put this phone on sale only in the local market and not hyping around the internet!

My question to Flipkart: Do you even have the stock bruh? Or just a marketing stunt you play?

After all the experience I have with flashy sales of Xiaomi and Flipkart, I’m going about lose my interest with Xiaomi. Sooner there would be another device to compete and Xiaomi might lose the market due to such foul and lousy strategies.

I think it is time you change it! Let me know what’s your opinion about it in comments below 😉

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