Heartbreaks doesn’t always come from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sometime, it comes from seeing your favourite dress losing its fabric. It comes from the echos of your unresolved issues within you. It comes from reading the last page of your favourite novel or sipping the last sip from your coffee mug. It comes when your favourite team loses the match.

Sometime, it also comes when you don’t receive the reply you were awaiting. It also comes when your sibling get the bigger piece of your favourite flavoured cake. It also comes when your favourite character dies in the movie. It also comes when your pet ignores you.

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Sometime, it comes from your best friend; when they stop treating you as a priority. It comes from losing either or both of your parent. It comes from not having a perfect childhood. It comes from not having a single person in whom you could confide.

Sometime,it comes by gazing at the stars and thinking of all the possibilities of life. It also comes when you contemplate life with all the good things you did for all the bad people. It also comes when while sleeping a tear unknowingly sneak out of your eyes.

Sometime, it comes when the only person you want to talk is busy with someone else. It also comes when you love with everything you have and the love get wasted. It also comes when you have so much to say, but you don’t find words to express your feelings.

We always speak or write about heartbreaks occured due to break ups. But what about the heartbreaks we felt, but could never explain because they seem to be of little importance. They were not romanticized in a way they should have been by poets & authors.

Heartbreaks can come from anywhere & every heartbreak needs to be healed.


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