Count down of few good things.

This week had been immensely overwhelming. After quite a long time I got a panic attack and I cried for 5 hours and did not sleep for 2 days. Then I had 2 of my friends birthdays which made me feel little happier and better. I felt happy seeing them happily growing healthier & wiser.

I attended 2 events back to back. I love poetry and music. I love seeing my favorites performing on stage. We had fun and clicked good pictures. I laughed so hard with them and I again made good memories to cherish.

One of my friend from the poetry club asked me to perform often and he wants to see me reciting poetry like I used to until last year. He wanted to record my performance. He’s genuinely too sweet.

One of the famous Youtuber asked the famous poet of our town to feature me in his video. He said it’s a great thing and a big achievement. I’m not sure about that, though. Honestly, I don’t understand all these things. But I’m glad a man across the border showed interest in working with me.

The guy who likes me said, “Nida, even if you’re thousand times rude with me and throw unnecessary tantrums at me. I won’t take it to heart. I understand your position and I’m seriously concerned about you. If you want to talk, am always here.” He’s a nice guy, but my heart doesn’t feel at home with him.

I’ve never been so happy in my life that I have been after moving to Hyderabad. This city gave me best people and a treasure box of memories. I learnt so many new things, I tried so many new stuff, I met so many good people. I made amazing friends for life. This city gave me my identity, and my soul will always be grateful for it.

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Count down of few good things.
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