Some Coldest Cities in the World

As mundane as it is to talk about weather, it does greatly influence your dream vacation or your choice of a city to move into. Here’s a ranking of the top  coldest cities in the world, citing various quirks and facts about them and if you’re up for it scroll down and you might just find your next dream holiday destination!

 Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, the capital of Canada is one of the coldest cities inhabited in the world. Flanking the US border and right near Montreal, the city is home to close to one million residents despite it’s cold weather.

Barrow, Alaska

Barrow might sound desolate to the inexperienced ear, but it does play house to over 4300 residents who find the city quaint and lead unperturbed lives.

Yukon, Canada

It’s rocky, it’s mountainous and would make for a great trek! Yukon sits proudly in the northwest on Canada with it’s breathtaking lakes and terrain, challenging the inner adventurer in you.

Novosibirsk, Russia

This glorified city is a part of Siberia and is beautifully split open with the Ob River cutting right through it.

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