Coffee, conversation and love!

Conversations on LOVE…

A rainy day, steaming mug of coffee, and long conversations with a close friend. That is my idea of an ideal rainy day. This came to life when last night, instead of clubbing like everyone else (weekend, you see!) I spent the day in with my friend. Little did I know that this conversation would change my thoughts about love and togetherness forever. As we sat down with a mug of coffee each, conversation began to brew. One after another, we talked of a lot of things. People at college, psychology, the “piss but don’t kiss” theory in India, and a lot more.

We talked until we could only hear the sound of leaves fluttering in the wind and rain splattering on empty roads; making noise as if it was continuously trying to wake someone from a deep slumber. I had read that people are their truest selves in the dead of the night. When the world sleeps, we often shed our disguises and come to terms with who we really are, our troubles and triumphs. As the rain continued to kiss the parched land, the conversation touched the topic “Love”. A giggle escaped as we thought of the feeling, but I could see that my friend somehow seemed distant. Not wanting to disturb her further, I decided to let go of the topic. But in spite of not wanting to do it, the discussion somehow stuck to love. We talked of feelings, relationships, betrayal and unrequited love. Maybe it was the weather, or the deafening silence, but that night, she lost the smallest, tiniest drop of pain.

That night, the rains really did waken someone. It was me. To the guy who left me when I needed him the most, I hope you are reading this. After months of dodging the feeling of loneliness, I have finally let go. I had a heart-to-heart with my own self and realized that crying isn’t bad. It is a vent for all the pain that you’ve held in your heart for so long that it feels like it was always there. And also that it is an illusion that for a love story to be successful, two people need to be with each other. By be, I mean live together, or be in constant touch. Yes, you did leave me alone. But I still love you with all my heart. I cannot unlove you just because you made the choice of not being with me anymore. You made me realize that you can not talk to the person for a long time or see them for months together, and still be in love with them.
Often when we talk about love, we simultaneously think of happy couples. It is human nature to connect love, happiness and togetherness. But it is not necessary to be in love and be together at the same time. If you truly love someone, you can love them from a distance too. It is hard, I know. But so are all the best things in life! And to everyone who has been left alone like me, you are not alone. Your loved ones are with you in your sadness and pain, joy and gain, and in every breath you take. You chose to not force yourself on the other person and you still are in love with them, and trust me, that’s absolutely fine.


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