Chanakya Neeti- Summary 1


Chanakya Neeti Summary by Amrut Deshmukh

About the book: This book is full of erudite thoughts of a great scholar, diplomat, strategist and teacher that serve as DOs and DONTs of the everyday life of any person who wants to make his life a grand success. The author was bestowed with intelligence, creativity and statesmanship. He is the best administrator to be born till date. His hard labor, perseverance and guidance bore fruits to Chandragupta Maurya, the Emperor. He served as his Prime Minister and is known for his political wisdom, farsightedness, power of persuasion, manipulation and diplomatic skills.

Author: Acharya Chanakya (known as Kautilya or Vinshu Gupta)

Book size:  168 pages

Summary size: 6 pages

Expected Read time: 30 to 35 minutes

Summaries released as:

Summary 1: Chapters 1 to 6

Summary 2: Chapters 7 to 11

Summary 3: Chapters 12 to 17

(Chanakya is well known for his straight forward views, which sometimes appear harsh especially w.r.t. women. I suggest you to use your own discretion while grasping the ideas in the book.  Please note that the Philosophy of Acharya Chanakya comes from an era where things were quite different from today.)


Courtesy to the book publishers and authors who worked to spread book’s knowledge among people. These summaries are in no way to claim rights and just a mere contribution to inculcate reading among youth which is a part of our good motive.

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