Call Against Corruption

Too many people spend a lot of money they have not earned on things they do not want, to impress people they do not like. Corruption has become a way of living for most of us. And wait, if you are reminded of any industrialist or a politician associated with a huge scam of some hundred crore rupees or so, please chuck that. It is rightly said that thieves are the ones who get caught. The rest who are not defamed are not very correct either. The ones who do not get caught are you and me. Don’t be surprised. Corruption is not a term that just defines an activity of robbing a huge amount of money from public to buy a private jet. It is also something that you and me do everyday.

Got caught by the traffic policeman for breaking the signal or not wearing the helmet? Pay him some hundred or two hundred bucks and you will get rid of the menace. We even pay “extra” to the Babus to get our forms pushed further onto the next table. Work from under the table is so swift these days that the photograph of Gandhiji nailed on the walls of offices may have even started to smile out of sarcasm. You cannot get a tap connection or a gas connection without bribing the person involved. Though these are just few examples of what happens in our daily life, we have to accept the fact that in some or the other way, we all are the birds of the same flock, some fly higher while some enjoy somewhere between the ground and the sky.

This is definitely not something that we would want to pass on to the coming generations. Hence, it is our responsibility to see that our children do not pick these ways of living from us. Children are going to learn from what you portray in front of them, from all your little actions, knowingly or unknowingly. No amount of preaching without practice will make them realize the difference between ethical and non-ethical work. From today onwards, no more of getting rid by throwing some number of bucks to the authority’s face. Let us start small. Let us start by saying NO to bribes or “gifts” on a small basis. It is acceptable that the technologically advancing world demands speed and pace, otherwise we will be left behind (I don’t know by whom!). But providing people money to cover up for your mistakes or to demand faster or better service is morally wrong. Our freedom fighters did not sacrifice their lives for us to steal other people’s money.

The Anti Corruption Bureau, Pune is already working for this cause. Following is the relevant information required for us to join hands with them so that we could live in an ethically better society.

Anti Corruption Bureau, Pune:-

C Barrack, Central Building, Opposite MIDC, Camp, Pune.


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