Brother from another Mother.

To my Alfu,

I don’t really know where to start from. We met out of nowhere. One fine night, under the already destined circumstance, we bumped into each other and from there, our story began. A story of unnecessary arguments/fights, hanging up of calls, non- stop bullying, innumerous apologies, but always stopping on lots of love.

You are an absolute pain in the ass (no kidding). You have no idea how annoying and completely mad you are. You grow on my nerves in the way that at times I just want to punch you in the face to shut you up.

Your unfunny jokes, unfunny memes to be precise. The irony is that people actually find your sense of humor ticklish to their bones (luck by chance). Not responding to my calls or not replying to my texts, when angry at something as silly as you.

You act like you are cold and tough, try to hide your emotions behind sarcasm. You show that you don’t care. But the truth is your heart is as soft as a marshmallow. No matter how hard you try it melts over little things. You care about everything. You are so sensitive that sometimes I genuinely feel like protecting you from this big bad world.

The first time I met you I had no idea that you will mean so much to me. You have made me cry so many times, and I am going take revenge from you. I am definitely not leaving you so easily. You have listened to all my blabbering which has had nothing to do with you. You have handled my mood swings; but your mood swings are worse, though.

When you pretend to be my boyfriend when a creep passes by. People actually confused us to be a couple. You don’t judge me on my sudden outburst because I was holding it up for too long inside me. Even if I want I can’t hide anything from you. You make me smile at your stupidity. You make me laugh at your nonsensical talks.

We are one year apart. But my boy, your behavior is still of a 5-year-old kid (trust me). Who speaks cute broken Hindi, and if anyone makes fun of his Hindi he switches to his mother tongue Malayalam with utter fluency. Who loves music, sleep, and paneer butter masala more than me. Who sleeps on the call while speaking to me. Whose voice lights up my day.

You are a blessing bestowed on me from heaven. I feel at home with you. Like, I can totally be the weird me and still, you’d want to be seen with me without a trace of embarrassment. You have been through my thick and thin. I promise I shall be there for you, too. You are my cute, little, extremely annoying munchkin.

I could never thank you enough for putting up with me through all my bullshit. I know it’s not easy to be with me. Regardless of everything, you have supported me. You have always been honest with your feelings. Unlike others, you never really pampered me for things I needed to be reprimanded.
You are a brother that I always wanted. My soul twin. Thank you for being you. I love you infinite. Always. Forever, and ever.

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