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This one is dedicated to all those lost and depressed souls out there probably right now quietly crying themselves to sleep. I know exactly how it feels. Trust me. I have been there and it’s not at all a good state to be in. It’s scary as hell! Not only it sucks the happiness out of your life but it dim your light as well. And believe me, you were born to shine bright. Cutting your wrist won’t help,it will only scar your skin. Crying your eyes out to sleep might help but for only sometime, and, ofcourse the next day you will wake up with puffed eyes. Criticizing yourself will also not create a difference unless you try on to cover up your flaws. So what will work? Umm… Let me tell you a secret. The thing that can make a difference in your life for real is the reflection you see everyday in the mirror. Yes, you’re right that’s “YOU” (no prize for guessing though). Have you ever questioned yourself, why do you waste your precious time on such stuffs?Why can’t you just shrugg off negativity as it comes approaching you? I know, it’s easier said than done. But still nothing is impossible. If you don’t like certain things then don’t practice it. If you ain’t comfortable with something then don’t settle for it. As simple as that. Life is simple. We make it complexed by cooking up “never gonna happen” scenarios inside our head. Why can’t we live in a moment, in present? We worry about future and regret the past. Neither is in our control. So, don’t fret over something that had happened or will happen with you. It’s alright. We all make mistakes. We all feel guilty at times. We all lose track sometime. It’s okay to not be okay. Anytime. Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to take yourself not too seriously. Learn to laugh at your adversity. Learn to feel beautiful in your skin. Learn to celebrate your quirkiness. Learn to pick  yourself up the everytime you fall. Learn to be your own saviour. Learn to be content in whatever you have. Learn to aim high in life always. Learn to love yourself. You deserve the best of life. 

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