Amazon duped by Delhi man, robs of almost 52 lakh

Delhi man duped Amazon by buying 166 phones

Customer satisfaction is measured by how many customers come back to a retailer or site. A man from Delhi duped Amazon by exploiting their customer satisfaction policy.

What actually happened?

He bought 166 branded phones and got refunds on all of them. He bought an expensive phone and then sent a complain to Amazon that the box was empty, and thus got a refund. Then he decided to buy two phones and try the same trick. Surprisingly, it worked again. Amazon sends gift hampers as a refund policy, and then, he sells the phones on EBay or in the local Gaffar Market.

Source. The infamous Gaffar market

Even though it sounds almost fantastical, a lot of thought of went into the crime. He would get multiple SIM cards from a dealer, make multiple accounts, and use random addresses for the delivery. When the delivery boy couldn’t find the location, he would guide them to a place where he received the package. Amazon got suspicious when they realised that all the complaints of ’empty packages’ came from different places in the same area. Upon investigation, the police caught on to Shivam Chopra, and his SIM retailer was also arrested.


He robbed Amazon of almost 52 lakh in cash in April and May. 19 mobile phones, 12 lakh, 40 passbooks and cheques were retrieved from Chopra’s home. He also kept 10 lakh with an acquaintance for safe keeping. The police said that his biggest mistake was that he remembered to make new accounts, but he didn’t think to change his name or identity. Even though he used a fake name, the name was similar to his- Shubham.

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