A story of a HAPPY but sad person… THIS MIGHT BE YOU!

This happy but sad man might be you…

While going back home after a long tiresome day at office I encountered this  “Very Happy” guy. I was there in my car, AC was on and stuck in traffic. This guy I saw was a footpath dweller, which I found out after seeing him there couple of times during daily transit. About him, he seems to be a daily basis mason who works a day to earn bread for next day. If no work no bread. There on the footpath he lived with his family; his son and wife. The furniture in his house was way too away from comfort. The pavement bricks and stones used as a divider, no TV and a traditional Chullah. That’s it! But wait, there was more; a smile! The smile was of content and happiness. The smile was for being with his kid and wife. At first glance I called him poor and even any person on this earth will call the guy poor! But as I said earlier he was The “Very Happy Guy.”

Relatively, my life is lavish. Nothing to be sad or to be worried of. My 2-year-old son was able to utter few words and  stayed at a baby sitting as my wife revived her job. I was earning so as to afford a car and a 3BHK apartment in a splendid society. Every month salary comes in, not only mine but also of my wife’s. My kid’s growing up day by day and just to summarize, life was easy and going smoothly. Still I was somewhere envy of that happy fella.

One such day when again stuck at that same traffic signal, I saw him playing with his boy as usual. While playing his son fell and got hurt. He started crying and his helpless father was looking at him. He knew he has no medicine to put on his kid’s bruise nor any turmeric to stop the bleeding. He just tore a piece of cloth, tied to his son’s bruise but still he was crying. He then simply picked him up and tossed him. He repeated it and his son stopped crying and instead started giggling. His bruise was still bleeding but he completely forgot that.

Each day while waiting at that signal, stuck in traffic I saw him tucking his back to a divider stone block. His son sitting on his lap playing with him. There was no worry of next day’s job. He had enough to support his family and stay contented. This guy moved me. I realized this is what am missing in my life. The happiness of being with my family was missing even though there wasn’t anything void in my day-to-day life.

The very next day, while leaving for office I saw my son playing in his room with my mom. I just took off my bag, took him on my lap and started playing with him. I knew my office was going to be missed but I had made up my mind. I had all my reasons ready to shoot when a mail or a call from office comes. I was happy, my son was happy and that day I unveiled the true happiness of actually being with a family…

Nice story right? Well guys, that’s not me and am not even married yet! But yes am sure, many of us are living this life. (Even I might start living it someday) Everything’s there, from a car to an apartment, every materialistic happiness is there but not the eternal and real one. There is no time for relations in that life. Not only your wife or son but even parents, friends need your time. Sometimes they carry on with the ‘busy-you’ but at a particular envious time you find out you are the actual loser who lost the time to be with your family.

So it’s just a small message I got and so thought to share with you that taking out TIME for relations is very important. It is getting rarer in the hasty and busy schedule, but after all being busy is all about priorities and you can mangle around with your priorities often!


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