A Boxing day MEGA THRUST Decade!

Where a community spirit has gone, but the peace has lasted in HIS name.

Let’s take some time out of our mundane schedule and burn some calories recollecting the untold misery and those innocent lives lost, as a result of that deadliest tsunami, which came crashing through and hit the Sumatran coast galloping everything that came it’s way. The gigantic tidal waves spread their horizon smashing the other parts as well, shaking the earth for a couple of minutes.


It was 26th December 2004 when people were scurrying around like ants looking for shelter and anything else for that matter, which would protect them from wiping off their existence from the face of earth. Nobody knew that their eyes would see such a wrenching boxing day. For the other people on the beach enjoying the post Christmas celebrations, it was too late for their legs to sprint and run away, for they were taken prisoners within a spec of a second even before they could think. It was that time when nothing on this earth could defend that undersea mega thrust from zapping the islands eating up at least 230000 lives, banishing the human existence. The dreadful 8.0 Richter scale magnitude destroyed the scenic beauty of nature and rendered only tears for those who were saved to shed. You blink your eye and your have thousands of a kind to see.

What did HE exactly wanted to convey? Was it an ultimatum for us in some form?

jYes, it may be HIS warning to let mankind be known of the fact that there’s just a miniature time left for us to straighten up our lives and be kind to each other! May be some kind of warning to realise the peak of graph we have climbed on getting deadliest and selfish. We may expect more of a kind to hit our lives if we not realise the worth and purpose of humankind on this motherly earth.

I am here not to elaborate of the history that happened; I am here to make every ant on this earth to realise it’s limits and be an ant. Let it not try to cross the bars and fill the tank of sins. Somewhere, every human is blessed with that conscious of self realisation; to know what is good for him and what can cause his conscious to toss off for a bad deed.let-all-that-you-do-be-done-in-love

As an author, I am here to make you all afresh of the tsunami disaster with a heavenly touch. I am not here to throw light on the statistics of the disaster or for that purpose to talk antithetic; I am here to drill in every man’s head the fact that on the judgement day, all the odious deeds will be counted and taken care of to place you in a suitable realm of the Heaven or hell. Present in some corner, HE is constantly monitoring us and making note of what we do accounting to our activities. Keeping this mind-set, if every human being is kind to each other and no country is hostile, many of the problems can be banished. This surely won’t tarnish our ego but help mankind live in harmony. Adopting to what I have explained, many past man made disasters might have not taken birth and many future disasters may think twice before hitting humans and taking them as victims.

There can be a question; what does human made attacks have to do with natural disasters? Well, to bridge the gap between the two, somewhere I feel this tsunami disaster was a message from HIM to make humans understand each other’s values and brace up themselves to be good human beings on this earth. Let that tenderness of heart not be eaten up by ego and envy. It will eventually make us animals not humans. Humans are blessed with a beautiful world; lets us spread harmony and bring back affection and love for each other which is vanished in the present era. Let not humanity be kicked hard and become a victim of obscene wrath and fume. If we make love and affection in human kind viral, eradicating rancorous and abominable mind-set which leads to man-made disasters will be a by-product. This will eventually lead to diminishing of terror and disasters. If these principles are followed, I feel, even natural disasters will die before taking birth. This is because HE will be joyous to see humans shifting from a world filled with unspeakable rage and envy to a world with what HE wants. So people, let the next Christmas commemorate with harmony and love wrapped up in its unique foundation. If people adopt to these environments, every Christmas would be prima in its own way and HE would shower HIS blessings and love on us instead of more Tsunamis! So start doing your bit and contribute yourself in making this world a more graceful and adorable place to live in.

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