Basic Dining Table Etiquettes That You Should Follow

Some people love to host dinner and lunch. When you get an invitation from them to join a date, a dinner party, a table for holiday dinner or you are just dining on your table alone or with your guests, then the most important thing to follow is the table manners. There’s always a place for Etiquettes. So, the next time you are going to join a meal with your host, partner, colleague, family member, you should remember and follow these table etiquettes.

These Are 8 Basic Dining Table Etiquettes That You Should Follow:

1. Always keep silverware like spoon and fork on the plate once you are done eating.

2. Never forget to pay gratitude to the host of the dine before you leave

3. When you are having a dine with many people, always try to match your eating pace with others

4. During your meal, if you need to go to the washroom, place the napkin on your chair

5. Do not place your elbows on the dining table. It is considered rude

6. Avoid drinking any drink while you are chewing food

7. Avoid using mobile phones at the time of delivery especially when you are having it with many people

8. Arrange your meal like bread on the right side, water on the left and meal in the center

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