5 ways to feel completely relaxed and de- stressed!

IT culture is expanding in India and if considered metro cities like Pune, Banglore, Mumbai, etc. the IT folks live a 2 day life that is only on weekends. Now I am saying this as I’ve seen this pattern in Pune. Working on and on every day in week and taking an off on weekends only. 8 hours of work every morning is really tiresome and with a growing life styles stress gathers above head.

Now slowing down and wearing off stress is essential today and for that following the NSFW(burning cash in form of cigarettes and alcohol! ) ways are streamed in easily. No offense but there are many other ways and you are surrounded by it. Now am writing this cause I follow them and not because I read them somewhere. So in-fact sharing with you my own experience to shed stress and fatigue off me. Not only me but even you might be practicing it, I am just taking a pleasure to club them all 😉

  • Soft Music :

Many of you must have guess it already and its something belonging to the top. Music has its own magic to cure stress and it is really effective. During my exam times music is the best element I go for. Now to enjoy music one seeks pub, night clubs, etc but am not emphasizing on that. My emphasis is on soft music, that relaxes your nerves and grey matter. Just as song Roja or My heart will go on from Titanic or the one I’ve shared here with you that is Yanni’s Nightingle does the job for me. For you, suit yourself.

  • Play something!


Again in music playing an instrument is a damn good practice. If you can play any instrument forgetting rest of world get deep into it and you’ll know your stress level after an hour of playing it! And if you don’t know any bit of how to play any instrument, try learning one. Best way to ward off stress and relax ourselves. I actually saw this in my Music class where besides teenagers who wanted to learn guitar badly, grown ups of corporate sector too came for jamming sessions or at-least to learn a piece.

  • Evening walk :

An old Indian concept about health, I recall my dad call it shatpaavli meaning walking 100 steps. Especially after dinner, helps digestion and reliefs you from stress. Now how come walking relieves stress well as the title says night walk so the walking atmosphere affects, walk and don’t haste even don’t hesitate to hum your favorite song while you walk, that surely wipes the mental stress.

  • Meditation :

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Most prescribed in Yoga and is surely helpful. But meditation is mostly taken as sitting in an upright position with a calm environment and closed eyes for long time. Well am not against it but it’s really tough to follow in weekdays, so here is what I do just sit in a room with lights off and do nothing. Even if you get a nap it’ll do but keeping a time constrain. Alarm will do or just sit and relax till music ends.

  • Playing with Pets :

Pets are actually best and loyal friends of ours, now if you spend time with friends you get refreshed and same work does a pet. Take them for a walk, cuddle them, play with them with their toys just in short spend some time with them. Also if you have an aquarium just staring at it will even do.

Now guys in these all methods there is one thing in common and it is Doing nothing that on the first place stressed you’ and of course for some time till you’re de-stressed. Follow this and do tell me how you feel and if any new methods and suggestions comment below. So stay healthy stay randomized !

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