5 Good Books To Read This Summer

Summers are here, so before you get ready to hit the beach, here is a list of five good books to read this summer that are perfect for a sunny day. So, grab a chilled bottle of rosé, pick out a comfortable couch and get ready to be thrilled!

‘Sunset in St. Tropez’ by Danielle Steel

Sunset in St. Tropez is a novel by the bestselling author Danielle Steel, published by Dell Publishing, The book is Steel’s fifty-fifth best selling novel. The plot follows the friendship between three couples, who have been friends all their lives. However, when they go on holiday together to St. Tropez, in the summer, they discover untold secrets and revelations concerning one another. It is a heart warming tale of friendship, love and life.

‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ by Arundhati Roy

Two decades after the author, Arundhati Roy published her last novel, she has gifted the world this masterpiece. Though, Arundhati Roy has written several non-fiction books since then. The book is epic in scale, but intimately human and relatable in its concerns, the long-awaited story dazzles with its narrative approach, unforgettable characters and an exciting plot.

‘Perennials’ by Mandy Berman

A coming of age read about friendship, Mandy Berman’s debut will warm your heart with a nostalgic summer-camp tale. After years of being summer BFFs, two friends reunite at a camp as counsellors. For these two young women, the hot holiday season sets their coming-of-age aflame. Absolutely unforgettable and a lovable tale.

‘Goodbye, Vitamin’ by Rachel Khong

Rachel Khong in her debut novel has put forward an amazing tale we can all relate to. The book is about how the protagonist, after her engagement dissolves, finds herself living with her parents, whose declining faculties and familiar quirks threaten to overwhelm her. It’s with a good mix of humour and love and how she’s able to confront her father’s flaws and illness.

‘New People’ by Danzy Senna

The novel follows an engaged couple Maria, an adopted daughter of a black mother, and Khalil who is half black and half Jewish. They often joke that they’re “like a Woody Allen movie, with melanin.” It’s the mid-1990s, and they’re two prime examples of the “new people” eliding the seams of race. But as Maria becomes less comfortable with this neat categorization, she finds herself struggling with the bonds of her relationship.

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