11 musical instruments from very ancient times.

“Music is as old as a living thing is”

True sentence isn’t it. Even before it was named as music by man it existed and evolved to a extent that we now categorize it and even learn it in universities. Music became elemental part of every thing that man does. Imagine a movie without any music to it, the hell any one will be interested to watch it.

Clinging to the topic, sharing some musical instruments we even use now but they are very old and are shown to be used by deities in various cultures.


  • Bansuri (Indian Flute)
"Bansuri bamboo flute 23inch" by Betelgeuse - Own work.

“Bansuri bamboo flute 23inch” by Betelgeuse – Own work.

The Indian bamboo flute or the Bansuri is known to be existed from Dvapara Yuga , shown as the instrument of choice of Shri. Krishna.


  • Harp


Harp has been existed from 3500 BCE and also we see statues and paintings of angles hold Harp at various old churches.


  • Lyre

Just as a Harp is, Lyre is again an old string instrument used from 1500 BC or might be even much older than that. It is known for its use in Greek classical antiques.


  • Cymbals

Cymbals are popular in many shapes and sizes in diverse cultures. It was used in ancient Hindu, Iranian, Greek and even in European cultures. Even now we use them in drum-sets, in shape of hand held chime and a lot more.


  • Nagara

This percussion instrument  is noted to be used in many civilizations. Of-course as in movies you can easily point it out. Its use is even noted in Shaivism.


  • Tabla

The very famous tabla existed from 200 BC. the cave carvings shown here are from Bhaja Caves in India which shows a woman is playing a tabla. This proves tabla was invented in India and is fascinating with its ‘Bols’ from a very ancient time !


  • Damru


A small two sided percussion instrument, two sided with bead and strings attached at the center. The instrument seen on Lord Shiva’s trident. Damru proves its existence from the godly times and  preserves its existence even today. Many songs in Bollywood has a constant beat pattern that is of Damru.


  • Tutari

The instrument to be blown from one side or can be simply said as a horn instrument that is very difficult to play. The expected sound requires a very high lung power to blown with great strength. In ancient during the B.C. era this piece was used to mark the commencement of a ceremony, welcoming the dignities, during war times and a lot more.


  • Conch

The Shankh, not likely to be taken as an instrument but songs in today’s date make it one. It has a spiritual importance and is elemental in Hindu rituals. The Conch is also familiar in monks along with the huge bells and gongs even horns.


  • Chipli
image courtesy to 'object lessons.com'

image courtesy to ‘object lessons.com’

The name’s strange for many of us. This chiming instrument will remind you of “Narayana-Narayna” constantly said by Narad in many of mythological Daily soaps in India based on Hindu deities. Apart from this the chipli is used for constant tune in a song just as a Triangle.


Now here I might have missed many of the instruments but hey will be glad to know if you know more, so comment on it. Will like to hear from you too.

Happy randomizing !


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